April Showers bring May Flowers…

Yikes!!! Completely didn’t realize that I didn’t write for the entire month of April. What else is new? So what has been happening here… so I was seeing a nutritionist and a few weeks ago I was supposed to have a follow up with the doctor and I cancelled it because something came up and I didn’t reschedule. I need to get back on that, but things really haven’t been working out well. I’m also completely “eh” about it. I was doing well and then got back in to the rut of my old ways. That needs to stop now!

So as you know, I am still in college. I’m actually in my very last term (6 more weeks to go – done June 18); however, Friday night was my college graduation!! Wooohoooo!!! That was a shit-show though. Graduates had to be there by 6pm in Harrisburg at The Forum. Are you nuts? Yeah, well, we had to driver around for awhile and Keith had to drop me off at the doors and then go find parking. It was insane! Not only that, considering that I’m an online student, I had no clue who ANYONE was. Made small talk with another girl who was an online student. Little did we know that we could donate $20.61 to the educational foundation to get maroon and white cords. THANKS FOR TELLING US CPU! Totally not cool. Not really thrilled about that, but whatever. I might write to them to find out if I can donate it now and maybe they can mail them to me or something. Take some pictures again once I actually complete the courses I’m taking this term. This time getting pictures with Keith. That’d be nice. There was no where to take pictures because it was crappy weather and the building was a little too full. It was like packing sardines into a can while they’re still moving.

So, Keith took some pictures of me at graduation that I am terrified to post because it was while I was sitting. Robes and caps were black. I look hideous. I don’t think I realized how bad it was, but starting Tuesday (I have homework to do tonight and a dentist appointment tomorrow) I will be going to the gym following the below schedule:

  • Music Monday — cardio/dance
  • Training Tuesday — elliptical/treadmill/bike
  • Weights Wednesday — chest/legs/back/arms (this will start after June when choir is over)
  • Team play Thursday — Pickleball
  • Feet up Friday — off day
  • Scoring Saturday — pickleball
  • Strengthening Sunday — more weights

Anyone is welcome to join me. I will be at the Lititz recCenter (at least until we decide if we want to continue our membership) typically just after 5:30pm. Monday nights might be at my house. I really enjoy some YouTube videos I found from Bipasha Basu. She’s pretty fantastic when it comes down to it.

At any rate, so long for now. Until next time — which WILL be sooner than later.


Workout while I still can

So on March 17, the Lititz recCenter sent out an email to all customers who participate with Healthways Prime program (through our health insurance) that they would not be renewing their contract with Healthways and the last day will be June 30, 2016. They aren’t offering any specials or discounts to those who are affected. They basically told Keith, “here’s the price everyone else pays, that’s what you’ll pay.” Sorry, but no. We can’t do it. We pay a set fee to Prime ($50 per month) to use your gym. We can’t afford to have at huge inflation like what you charge other folks. So, with that said, effective June 30, I have no GYM. And most importantly, I have no PICKLEBALL.  

The Lititz recCenter can now piss off! I guess I’ll have to go back to Planet Fitness for $10/month, even though I hated it there. I may look into Curves, too. They still accept Prime.

Not all hope is lost for pickleball. We can play outside in the warmer months and go to Overlook skate rink on evenings ($5 every time we go or we can get a punch card for $25). Any takers on joining us outdoors!? I’d love to play with y’all!

 This next picture is so incredibly true!  
Don’t! Just don’t do it! I’m there making myself into a better, healthier person. At least I’m better than the person sitting on their couch doing nothing. 

At any rate, I bid you good night. 


He’s Risen

Happy Easter from me to you and your families. 

Today Keith and I hosted Easter dinner which consisted of a total of 10 people here in our new home. Our dinner included:

  • Deviled and pickled eggs
  • Fruit salad
  • Caramel spiced applesauce
  • Apple smoked ham with clove and pineapple
  • Mashed white potatoes
  • Glazed sweet potatoes
  • Broccoli and cauliflower gratin 
  • Baked corn
  • Baked pineapple
  • Dinner rolls
  • Banana bread
  • Apple pie
  • Lemon sponge pie
  • Yum yum dessert (vanilla pudding, Ritz crackers, vanilla ice cream, cool whip)
  • Peanut butter and cream eggs

It was an enjoyable day. Even the cats are exhausted. We took a nap after everyone left. Still exhausted. Now we can relax for awhile. We have nothing coming up any time soon. 

We plan on having a housewarming still, just not sure when. Well, hoping you all had an enjoyable day! 


Hello from the other side…

Hey! Here we go again! This time I’m committing to write at minimum 2 times a week. 

As some of you know, last month I broke down and went to see a doctor for my weight struggles. Let’s face it – the struggle is REAL! My first visit was Feb 3 and my second was March 2. I’ve lost 2.8lbs in that time frame (nothing life changing). 

So I was able to finally see the nutritionist, too. She is fantastic. We compiled a plan. I think it’s been great so far. Here’s kind of an insight into it.   

 I am super excited for this endeavor. I am also taking daily protein shakes. I was always hesitant about them because of flavor. The one I got it incredible even if it’s mixed just with water. You can mix it with unsweetened almond milk as well. I like it that way, too. Here’s some info on it.

 Went back to pickleball last night. Felt great to move again! I can honesty tell you that by having the shake after playing last night, I woke up not being stiff, no sore muscles, and no adverse effects! They have it in chocolate, too. I may get that at some point. This really does taste like cupcakes. It’s delectable.

Homeownership has been great these last two weeks. We very much love our home. It’s great to be able to do what we want and change things to make it ours. Here are some pictures. Ignore the boxes and clutter, we are still unpacking. 


Well friends, we will talk soon!


Another hiccup!

Well, hi again! Sorry for this delay. Yet again. Keith and I are busy packing up our townhouse and we joined our church choir so we’ve had rehearsals.

Oh, so yes, packing up our townhouse – that’s because we’re moving on Saturday, February 20 into our first home! YAY!!!! It’s very exciting and has been extremely stressful. We were originally supposed to settle on Monday, February 15, but that’s Presidents Day so the banks aren’t open which means we had to change the date to the 16th. Delayed our plans by a day, but it’s alright. Just frustrating.

I have been really trying again to get into the swing of things with working out. I can’t just do pickleball, even though I love it. I need cardio and strength training in there. So, I am opening this up to my followers again – join me at the gym and we can work out together, train together, get fit together, and most importantly, SUPPORT/MOTIVATE one another. We can do this from afar, too. Daily check-ins (text/email) with each other. If this is something you want to do – lets do it! Comment in the section below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cut the crap! 
I really need to curtail eating out. For the last two weeks, breakfast and lunch have been eaten out every single day. This has got to stop. Not only does it cost too much when I have food at home, it’s also completely unhealthy and not getting me anywhere. I have no time in the morning to make my lunch and breakfast. I should be prepping the night before since it’s such an issue, but my evenings are packed and then when I do get home, I end up being too tired to do anything except go to bed – which shouldn’t be an excuse when it comes to your health.

New Doctor 
Last week I broke down and went to see a new doctor about my weight. I hate how the first thing they assume is that you’re there for “surgery.” I am not and was not. I’m not taking that route. Give me a plan, give me guidance, and I’ll run with it. So this was a “new patient visit.” That was a waste of my co-pay and time. Basically turned into “this is what we’re about and how we do it, here’s a binder bring it to every visit and we’ll add to it.” Well, everything that was in the binder already was about the types of surgeries they do. I DON’T WANT TO HAVE SURGERY! So, I am willing to give them another shot for the next visit and see how that works out. That visit will be broken up over two visits – March 2 with the doctor and March 9 with the nutritionist/therapist. So I will remain optimistic about this.

Diet Plans
So what all have you tried? I have tried an array of things since I can remember. At one point in my life, I tried Weight Watchers (points). I grew bored and stopped shortly after starting it. I tried Slim Fast replacement drinks for a few months, but never found that filling. Atkins tasted like cardboard – so that was extremely short lived. Then I did Sensa before our wedding. I lost 30 pounds on that over the course of like 3-4 months and felt like I could really do it without tricking my mind into shaking stuff onto my food, but that proved to be wrong. Once I had my first endo surgery (May 2014) all of that weight I lost came back. I haven’t gained any since then which is great, but I also keep hanging on to 3 pounds. I loose them and gain them back, etc. It’s a frustrating experience. What has worked for you? I get tired of hearing from people who follow me on Instagram about It Works! It’s annoying and I’m really not looking for that stuff. I end up ignoring most of it. It seems more and more people keep pushing this stuff on me. I don’t know if they’re just being pushy or if they need to meet their quota for the month and think – “oh, she’s fat/overweight, it’ll be an easy order/sale.” Sorry, nope. Not happening.

I am going to try something a friend from high school sent to me.
450 calories for breakfast, 200 calories for snack, 500 calories for lunch, 200 calories for snack, 500 calories for dinner, 150 calories for snack. However, this is a 2,000 calorie intake where I try to stick around 1,750. My plan would be to do 450 breakfast, 200 snack, 500 lunch, 500 dinner, and 100 snack. Anyone want to do this with me? I have a guide he sent me and it’s really mostly everything I already like/eat.

We can do this folks! I believe that I am not destined to be overweight for the rest of my life. I have so many things I want to… no, I have to do in my life. I hope you’re all well!!

Much love,

via Kristin’s Melt Away.


Yikes! Sorry about that. Hubs and I have been rather busy the last few weeks, writing got away from me. In addition, classes started back up, too. And I’m really trying to focus on that again and get my ass in gear! 

So we had a great blizzard over the weekend – and I don’t mean my cat. Progress pics below. 

Got some new work out pants!!!! They’re super fun!