Don’t break my heart!

Good afternoon you wonderful, beautiful people! What have you been doing differently this year that you didn’t do last year?weights

Since my last post I’ve been making every attempt at hitting up the gym more fre
quently. Not nearly as much as I would like to, but I’ve gotten into a routine, which is nice. Classes in the evenings consist of Deeper Power (a Monday night aqua class) and Aquacize (a Tuesday/Thursday night aqua class).
My morning routine of 5am workouts kind of let up for a few weeks and I was going to go back this morning, but woke up around 2:30 sick, but now I’m perfectly fine. So I’ll restart the 5am routine, tomorrow.

I’ll take a water, please.

I already like to drink infused waters, but I found some more simple, quick recipes that I’d waterlike to try and I figured I would share them with you.

  • Cucumbers, strawberries, basil – helps to boost immune system
  • Cucumbers, strawberries, lemon, orange – helps boost energy (NO SUGARY DRINKS!)
  • Apples, cinnamon sticks – removes heavy metals from system (trust me, there’s more than you know!)
  • Lemon, raspberries – helps reduce inflammation (huge plus for endo warriors like me and bloaters)
  • Green apples, cucumbers, mint – helps kick start weight loss
  • Cucumbers, strawberries, lime, mint – help reduce stress (dear stress, let’s break up!)
  • Cucumbers, lime, lemon, grapefruit, mint – helps to lower blood pressure
  • Pear, ginger – not sure what it does, but it’s one of my favorite

Because nearly all of these drinks call for cucumbers – it looks like I will be planting a garden this year so I have an endless supply. What do you like in your water? Pick one of the flavors from the image above, drop into your water, leave overnight and enjoy!


What types of diets have you used? Were they successful? Why/why not? I have seriously done an array of things, from Weight Watchers Point System to Sensa Shakers. I had the best success with Sensa. I lost 30lbs in 2 months and never continued with it; however, it looks like they were sued and ended up closing their doors ( Hm, I was never contacted about receiving a settlement from them per the FTC  –  That’s always fun!

So my typical day starts out with Starbucks and I’m curtailing that to maybe once a week starting this week because my nutritionist told me I had to and because I’m tired of drinking my calories. I plan on starting my day with a good, nutritious, protein packed meal. I hardly ever have lunch at work mainly because I don’t go anywhere, and eating at your desk is honestly the worst. My dinners need to be more protein and veggies. There’s really no question about it. No more late night dinners. It’s just unsettling.

New friends!

Making friends has always been one of the most difficult things for me. It seems like the older I get the less and less friends are actually around. Maybe that’s because they’re too far away or because they have kids and I don’t. So, I’ve taken to other methods of trying to make friends. After all, we’re meant to be social creatures. I have connected with a few ladies lately that seem to be on the same level as I am, which is always great because having other people going through the same struggles as you are is comforting in a sense, but also good to know there’s someone you can turn to.

Workout DVDs

I have a few workout DVDs and there’s always YouTube and iPhone apps nowadays that are easily accessible. The DVDs I have include Beachbody Cize and Country Heat. I haven’t done Country Heat yet mainly because, well, there is no reason – I keep making excuses as to why. I just need to hook up my TV in the basement and throw a DVD player on it. No one is going to do it for me! You’re welcome to join.I might do Country Heat as a precursor to my gym activity in the morning or alternating days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). We shall see what pans out, but the excuses have run out. Today is the day.

Special Quoting

One of my high school English teachers, who coincidentally was also my elementary school principle, Kevin Davenport, is infamous for instilling “Carpe Diem on us. It’s so true. Seize the day. I can. I will. A quote that I had hanging in my locker from one of my aunt Betty’s friends was, “I’ll go in for an A, but I’ll settle for a B.” Not today, Lee. Not today. Today and for the rest of my days,  I am an A. Settling just isn’t for me anymore. I’ve always just settled, be it in sports, academics, and always my appearance. The next time you look in the mirror, remember that the person staring back at you is your ONLY competition.

Don’t quit. DO IT!
Never give up. Give it 100%.
Do it now! Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never.’
Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost. 





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