Hello 2017. Hello new me!

Welcome to 2017. I know I haven’t written again in awhile, but this time – I am going to start up again and at least post 2 times a week. So be on the look out.

Recap 2016 since last post:

  1. Tuesday, November 8, the world crashed around Keith and I. No, not because Donald Trump won the 45th presidential election, but our dear, sweet Lucy’s time on earth came to a screeching halt. I had come home from work and went to scoop her litter box, went into the bathroom to wash my hands and came back to her laying in pee and diarrhea next to the box. I cleaned it and her up. She ate and rank. I picked her up and put her on our bed. Texted Keith and told him to hurry home.
    I believe she waited for us to be with her. Keith called the vet and they advised us to bring her in around 7. Shortly thereafter, they called us back to tell us to bring her in now. We took her to the office. Our littlest fur baby crossed over the rainbow bridge at 6:10pm and we were by her side the entire time. It was quick and painless for her, but for me – those few seconds lasted an eternity.
    The following week I picked up her ashes and her paw impression. It has been two months since we lost her and it has not gotten much easier. We still miss her and talk about her all the time. Her picture hangs on our fridge. Her ashes are in our dining room. I “pet” the box daily and kiss the little impression of her paw.
  2. Went hunting for the first time in 5 years with my dad and brother on the first day of PA deer season! I am hoping to do some more hunting this year, too. Turkey and such.
  3. I turned 30. This is an accomplishment. I used to think 30 was old! Now I know why.. I feel old.
  4. On December 6, I decided to give up walking. I was leaving work today and I face planted down two, possibly three, stairs and went face first into a door handle. I had a slightly sore left ankle, terribly brush burned and bruised right knee,and massive lower back pain. I went to a workmen’s comp doctor to get that all sorted out. Went for x-rays – no broken bones, no fractures. Knee and ankle are 100%, but my back still occasionally bugs me. I’ve been cleared by the WC doctor to go about my business.
  5. Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts… go. Now. Run if you have to, but go.
  6. Keith got me a beautiful necklace from Zales for Christmas. It’s a kitty wrapped around a heart – it symbolizes Lucy. He gave it to me from Blizzard and Oreo, but obviously it’s from him.
  7. I helped pass out Bags of Cheer to the less fortunate the weeks of New Years at one of the churches in my district (First UMC of Lancaster). The bags had socks, tissues, candy, hygiene items, crackers, etc. This made my heart happy. Especially every single time their eyes lit up.
  8. Celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Hershey Bears hockey game and was in bed by 9:45pm.

So what’s good for 2017?

  • Getting my butt in a routine of pure imagination – WHAT?
    • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 0500 = cardio gym time (treadmill, elliptical, ski machine) we’ll take it slow at first
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays are devoted to class with Ashley and anyone else who wants to join, provided that I do not work in the evening. One of these days will also be a “rest day” considering that at least one of these classes will be in the pool so it’s not really a workout, but it is.
    • Saturday and/or Sunday are being devoted to pickleball! I need my pickleball back.
  • Foodie time! Mmmm.. yes.
    • Cutting out the daily morning binge to Starbucks sounds like a good start, it’s only a small addiction.
    • Portion control is key. I can. I will. So far, I must say I am semi-happy with the decisions I’ve made. This will come with time and I will not discourage myself.
    • From this day forward, I vow to leave the candy behind. Good-bye my love. I’ll miss you Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – no one can ever just have the suggested serving size so I’ve decided I have to break-up with you.
  • Follow the yellow brick road to – VACATION!
    • We need to take an honest to goodness vacation this year, maybe somewhere we’ve already been, maybe somewhere different. I’m open to suggestions.
  • Home improvements *happy dance*
    • Outdoors
      • Installation of two outdoor outlets – front of house so I can actually trim bushes / back of house for weed whacking purposes and my hot tub time machine – what? You don’t have one? Better get on that. It’s the next best thing.
      • Cut down gigantic trees and hopefully rectify box elder bug issue
      • Fix up shed doors, install pull down stairs so we can get to the loft, and possibly install a window
      • Build fire pit once gigantic trees are gone
      • Build table from gigantic tree trunks
    • Bathroom
      • Paint – I was supposed to do this over my Christmas break, but because of my back injury from above,  I didn’t want to be climbing up and down the ladder.
      • Fix drain issue – easy, but haven’t had the time to do it
    • Bedroom Number 3
      • Re-organize and turn it into a better, more functioning office.
      • Possibly new workstation
      • Shelving/storage
    • Basement
      • Frame out two walls and hang insulation and drywall
      • Paint
      • Lay flooring
      • Build the bar – DRINK ‘EM if ya got ’em!

In a nutshell, 2017 seems like it should a great year! I am super excited about what it has in store for me and for us. I feel that 2017 is MY/OUR year. I have been at my job now for seven months (6/1/16) and I absolutely LOVE it! How many people can actually say that they love all aspects of their job? I loved my job at the courthouse, but nothing compares to this. This job is rewarding and I am using my college education on a daily basis. People are super friendly. I get to make decisions on my own. I have my own office. I travel. All while serving God. What can possibly be better?

Alright, well. Keep check back here for some more adventures and posts about my progress. I have an ultimate goal of loosing 160 pounds. I’m still not prepared to tell y’all where that would put me, but it’s a goal. In the meantime, while working toward that overall goal, I have set mini goals.

2017 Personal Goals

  1. Lose 10 lbs by end of January
  2. Lose 20 lbs by end of February
  3. Lose 50 lbs by end of July
  4. Lose 80 lbs by end of the year (HALF WAY to GOAL)
  5. Jog a 5k

I think those are some pretty obtainable goals. And I know that will persistence and continued support, I can make it happen. Don’t give up on yourself. You can do it, too! Let’s rock 2017 and then look the BEST for 2018! We can. We will!

Peace out loves,



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