Lucy Update

Dr. Doman at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic called this morning to update us on the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing that was sent out on Lucy. It came back positive; however, since there is no testing for FIP (until postmortem) this tested for strains of the coronavirus, which she definitely has.

I told him how she’s still acting like a normal cat, sans playing. He seemed shocked at that, but is confident she’ll let us know when it’s time. He told us to keep monitoring her like we’ve been doing, keep with the wet food, continue to change her water daily and constant litter scooping, and most of all, just to love her.

This is a tough battle we’re dealing with, but she’s already proven to be a fighter. Most cases of effusive FIP (wet), cats don’t live longer than a few days. Lucy is on day 10 since the ER trip; but day 13 since we noticed her bloated belly.

I recently joined an FIP support group on Facebook where I’ve learned more info and I continue to do my research. Keith and I have discussed what we’re going to do after Lucy’s battle. We’ve decided that we won’t replace her.

I’m going to make salt dough later tonight and make a few impressions of her paws. We do know we are planning on having her cremated (I don’t want to bury her because there are too many animals roaming around our yard). So we’ve begun looking at urns for the house and a necklace with some of her ashes in for me.

It’s truly a difficult task watching a loved one’s health decline. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or a pet. Lucy has made an impact on our lives in the short 7 weeks we’ve had her. We will continue to give her the life she deserved in the time we have with her.

If you want to help out with her costs, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again.


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