April Showers bring May Flowers…

Yikes!!! Completely didn’t realize that I didn’t write for the entire month of April. What else is new? So what has been happening here… so I was seeing a nutritionist and a few weeks ago I was supposed to have a follow up with the doctor and I cancelled it because something came up and I didn’t reschedule. I need to get back on that, but things really haven’t been working out well. I’m also completely “eh” about it. I was doing well and then got back in to the rut of my old ways. That needs to stop now!

So as you know, I am still in college. I’m actually in my very last term (6 more weeks to go – done June 18); however, Friday night was my college graduation!! Wooohoooo!!! That was a shit-show though. Graduates had to be there by 6pm in Harrisburg at The Forum. Are you nuts? Yeah, well, we had to driver around for awhile and Keith had to drop me off at the doors and then go find parking. It was insane! Not only that, considering that I’m an online student, I had no clue who ANYONE was. Made small talk with another girl who was an online student. Little did we know that we could donate $20.61 to the educational foundation to get maroon and white cords. THANKS FOR TELLING US CPU! Totally not cool. Not really thrilled about that, but whatever. I might write to them to find out if I can donate it now and maybe they can mail them to me or something. Take some pictures again once I actually complete the courses I’m taking this term. This time getting pictures with Keith. That’d be nice. There was no where to take pictures because it was crappy weather and the building was a little too full. It was like packing sardines into a can while they’re still moving.

So, Keith took some pictures of me at graduation that I am terrified to post because it was while I was sitting. Robes and caps were black. I look hideous. I don’t think I realized how bad it was, but starting Tuesday (I have homework to do tonight and a dentist appointment tomorrow) I will be going to the gym following the below schedule:

  • Music Monday — cardio/dance
  • Training Tuesday — elliptical/treadmill/bike
  • Weights Wednesday — chest/legs/back/arms (this will start after June when choir is over)
  • Team play Thursday — Pickleball
  • Feet up Friday — off day
  • Scoring Saturday — pickleball
  • Strengthening Sunday — more weights

Anyone is welcome to join me. I will be at the Lititz recCenter (at least until we decide if we want to continue our membership) typically just after 5:30pm. Monday nights might be at my house. I really enjoy some YouTube videos I found from Bipasha Basu. She’s pretty fantastic when it comes down to it.

At any rate, so long for now. Until next time — which WILL be sooner than later.



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