Workout while I still can

So on March 17, the Lititz recCenter sent out an email to all customers who participate with Healthways Prime program (through our health insurance) that they would not be renewing their contract with Healthways and the last day will be June 30, 2016. They aren’t offering any specials or discounts to those who are affected. They basically told Keith, “here’s the price everyone else pays, that’s what you’ll pay.” Sorry, but no. We can’t do it. We pay a set fee to Prime ($50 per month) to use your gym. We can’t afford to have at huge inflation like what you charge other folks. So, with that said, effective June 30, I have no GYM. And most importantly, I have no PICKLEBALL.  

The Lititz recCenter can now piss off! I guess I’ll have to go back to Planet Fitness for $10/month, even though I hated it there. I may look into Curves, too. They still accept Prime.

Not all hope is lost for pickleball. We can play outside in the warmer months and go to Overlook skate rink on evenings ($5 every time we go or we can get a punch card for $25). Any takers on joining us outdoors!? I’d love to play with y’all!

 This next picture is so incredibly true!  
Don’t! Just don’t do it! I’m there making myself into a better, healthier person. At least I’m better than the person sitting on their couch doing nothing. 

At any rate, I bid you good night. 



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